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Omer Architects, founded in 2003 by architect Ayelet Omer, is a firm with a unique focus on planning shared housing while maximizing construction rights. Ayelet Omer, a graduate of architectural studies in New York, began her career in the city, where she was involved in a diverse range of public and private projects of varying scales. These included shared residences in New York, airport terminals on the eastern coast of the United States, high-rise residential buildings, and office and commercial structures.

After her time in New York, Ayelet returned to Israel and became part of the planning team at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, working within the framework of architect Ada Carmi’s office. Subsequently, she spent over six years on the “Mercaz” regional committee, where she served as the head of the northern team. In this role, she gained extensive knowledge in national, regional, and municipal planning policies.

The Omer Architects office continues to specialize in shared housing planning, emphasizing enhancement and maximizing construction rights wherever possible. Since its establishment, the firm has planned numerous buildings in Herzliya, Ra’anana, Kfar Saba, and Hod HaSharon.

building rights utilization

We specialize in maximizing construction rights, tailored to the site conditions and planning policies in the Central and Sharon regions

Our office analyzes the given site for our clients and optimizes the land by integrating all the relevant planning and statutory information. This process considers the applicable plans, including the number of allowable housing units, maximum building height, primary planning area, allowable service areas , building setbacks from the plot’s boundaries, and more. Our experience and expertise allow us to work effectively with local municipalities and authorities.

:The firm plans projects and provides advice for




Construction companies

Condominium committees

Local Authorities


Lawyers specializing in real estate and planning and building laws

Architectural planning

Omer Architects specializes in residential construction within new neighborhoods and plots integrated into the urban fabric. Some of these plots have been praised for their potential to add construction rights and housing units. Our goal is to design buildings that naturally blend into their immediate surroundings, utilizing advanced “green” building technologies as well as local and available materials.

We maintain an open dialogue with our clients from the planning stage throughout the entire planning and construction process. Additionally, we collaborate closely with various professional advisors who accompany the proposed project at every planning and execution stage .

Building Plans and Permits

Omer Architects specializes in planning and assisting with building permits, starting from handling statutory processes through coordination and planning with local committees to obtaining building permits. We also engage in legal changes to the building plan, both at the local and district levels, in order to maximize the results of the building permit application (additional rights, additional floors, additional housing units). Our office advises on possible uses of the site, permissible construction rights, and optimal utilization. We represent many clients in various planning committees (local, district, and appeal committees) as applicants for building permits or as objectors. As the head of the northern team in the “Mercaz” district committee, Eilat Omer brings unique and extensive experience in the field of building permits. Our office is well-known and respected by various professional bodies in the central region

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